Friday, October 27, 2006

Our Featured BLOG VILLAGER - Janey Loree

Our Featured BLOG VILLAGER for this week is Janey Loree, a very creative lady who stays very busy with an online business and several blogs. We'll take a look at two of her blogs this week.


PJ’s Paper Doll Cut Outs is the “blogvoice” for the paper dolls created in PJ’s Corner. Rachel, a paper doll created from our children’s book “Twiglet” the Little Christmas Tree will be our “spokespaperdoll”! She has presented some of the paper doll memories that are already posted and will inform you when there are new memories. This is the place to share your paper doll memories with all our young readers.

When I was a little girl, my mother made my paper dolls. I can remember watching her create gowns with minute detail. The one that comes to mind was drawn on yellow lined paper, but my little girl eyes only saw a dress of long flowing black material that sparkled of sequins and lace…so of course the artwork in our banner and on our website is drawn by my mother, Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher.


This is an advertising blog for a children’s storybook written by my family. “Twiglet” the Little Christmas Tree is a story of discoveries, miracles, and friendships as experienced by twins Rueben and Rachel Oliver. The images of Rueben and Rachel have been in my mother’s memory from the time she was a little girl. As an artist she was able to set those images down on paper as these cute little twins became paper dolls as well.

“Twiglet” the Little Christmas Tree is available through our website with a link from our blog. The book is comb bound so that it will lay flat and the story and pictures can be enjoyed without fighting turning pages! Along with 49 full page pictures, the book is filled with “art sparks” to enhance your child or grandchild’s reading experience. The illustrations and art sparks in the book, the artwork in our banner and on our website are drawn by my mother, Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher.
Please take the time to stop by Janey Loree's blogs.

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Anonymous said...

DB, thank you for featuring two of our blogs here on your VILLAGE NEWS Community Blog. I look forward to the next featured blogger!

Dirty Butter said...

You're more than welcome, Janey Loree. With a current membership of 207 blogs, there are lots of Villagers to choose from, that's for sure.

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Girls Can Change the World
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