Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How to Be an ACTIVE Member of BLOG VILLAGE

I really do appreciate those of you who took the time to vote on the two polls I listed, and particularly those who commented about them. I'm not seeing an overwhelming consensus, so, as administrator, I have decided how I will proceed with our Village.

Just so you will understand where I'm coming from, that word Village was chosen as part of our name for a very important reason. I did NOT want our TopList to become just another blog directory, but rather, a community of bloggers with similar ideas about what is appropriate for a Family Friendly blog, regardless of the topics discussed.

I am NOT going to put a limit of 500 members, but I AM going to set some criteria for continued membership.

I'm going to manually reset the list at the FIRST of AUGUST, so that it will reset at the beginning of each month. For the first week after the reset each month, all the blogs will show. I will give everyone ONE WEEK before I change the settings each month, and then only those blogs with at least 1 vote IN will show on the TopList.(This didn't turn out to be such a good idea, and I now leave all blogs showing, but delete any blogs that have not received at least 1 HIT IN by the end of the month.) If you really want to be part of our community, asking you to vote for your own blog once a month is reasonable. If that's too much trouble for you, then it's time for you to let me know, so I can delete your blog. Any member who does not have at least one HIT IN by the end of the month will be deleted.

I will, however, continue to RANK the list by HITS OUT, as it encourages interaction with the TopList itself. Ranking doesn't really seem to be that important to most of you, but the importance of community is a value that many of you share with me. Please continue to vote for blogs you appreciate and comment on the TopList about the blog, itself, as this is one of the ways you can encourage your fellow Villagers.

With a large membership, it will take me about 3 months to comfortably take a look at each blog. I will warn any member who has not posted in the last 3 months or who does not have the BLOG VILLAGE Banner or link prominently displayed. If the problem is not corrected within two weeks, I will delete that blog.

As always, if you see a post on any Villager's blog that you find objectionable, please email me as soon as possible, so I can deal with the situation as I see fit.

With your active participation, I am confident that we can maintain the community ethic no matter what size our VILLAGE is!

Looking forward to visiting each of you over the next few months.

Interested in joining BLOG VILLAGE? Start HERE.

If you are interested in being the Featured Villager on our BLOG VILLAGE News blog, please contact Janey Loree, Kilroy, or the Gatekeeper, the members of our Village Interview Team.


Janey Loree said...

Count me in on helping with voting, rating, commenting (more) and participating within BLOG VILLAGE!

I am pleased to be a part of a Top List that has an atmosphere of a small community! Albeit we need to vote more, comment more, and rate more...I for one have been remiss in this area the past couple of months.

Lets show our community spirit by making a huge showing at the next Blog Carnival hosted by Texas RV Travel Blog! It should be pretty easy to write an article about what we do for recreation!!

I will be out of town on the 1st of August. I am going with my sons to deliver a couple of horses up north in Northern California, but just as soon as I get home I will vote, rate, and comment on all my favorite blogs!!! And find a couple of new ones, too!

Rosemary, thank you for caring to keep BLOG VILLAGE a viable community of bloggers.

Dirty Butter said...

Your enthusiastic support is always appreciated, Janey Loree, as are your wonderful interviews. As I've told you before, you don't need to apologize for not blogging as much lately. We all go through Real Life times when this enjoyable pastime has to take a back seat to other endeavors, me included.

I've tried to set the cutoff times for deleting a blog with that in mind, so that someone who is temporarily out of cyber touch will have a chance to stay involved with our Village. If I find that not to be the case, I can always adjust. That's the nice thing about BLOG VILLAGE being "my baby."

I agree with you that a Carnival on Recreation should be one that anyone could submit an entry to, so I, too, hope to see a big turnout.

CyberCelt said...

Hi, Rosemary!

Would you please post a reminder about the Gonzo Blog Rodeo that will be held at Advertising for Success blog this week? Deadline to submit to Cybercelt@cooladz.com is 11:59 PM tomorrow.

Thank you!

Click my name to go to a post about it on my blog. Feel free to cut and paste it if you are willing.

Leon said...

Hi there. Leon from mythoughts-onstuff.blogspot.com. I have moved to mythoughtsonstuff.com. Could you update my listing please?

Dirty Butter said...

Thanks for letting me know, Leon, and I have changed it for you. I also emailed you, and need a reply to that.

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