Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where Did Everybody Go???

You may have noticed that there are not as many blogs on BLOG VILLAGE right now as there have been. Well, I've been busy checking out each Villager's blog, making sure they have posted in the last 3 months, and that they have the BLOG VILLAGE voting link on their blog. If not, I have been sending each one an email, letting them know that they needed to put on a new post or add the voting link, with a 2 week deadline before I would delete their blog from our TopList. I have deleted some blogs already, but most of the InActive bloggers are still members. They will stay InActive until they have fixed the problem, or until the deadline I told them in my email has passed.

You can, if you want to, SEARCH for any InActive member, as long as you know one of the words in the name of the blog, or a word in their description.

So if you are one of the Villagers who has not voted for themselves from the link on their blog - Go click on that link!! And if the link is not there, please put it there! You'll find the link code from the admin page of your blog, in the left hand column. Or, if you need help, email me.

And if you haven't posted anything new in a long time, either get busy and post something (and let me know you have posted), or let me know you want to be deleted.

I'm still working to make our TopList more of a community than a directory. This change in the quality of our membership is part of reaching that goal.

Interested in joining BLOG VILLAGE? Start HERE.

If you are interested in being the Featured Villager on our BLOG VILLAGE News blog, please contact Janey Loree, Kilroy, or the Gatekeeper, the members of our Village Interview Team.


Janey Loree said...

Hi! I have a suggestion for helping keep our favorite blogs in the VILLAGE. If you have some favorite blogs that are in danger of leaving the VILLAGE, leave a comment on their blog that you would like to be able to vote for them. It will be a way to let them know that they are getting traffic via BLOG VILLAGE and thus a viable link!!!

Dirty Butter said...

Sounds like a fantastic idea, Janey. I will put all InActive members back visible for the next few days, so Villagers can encourage each other to get involved, add the voting link, vote for themselves FROM THEIR OWN BLOG, and post regularly.

Blogs with an asterisk at the beginning of the title have been asked to correct some sort of problem with their blog.

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