Monday, January 07, 2008

Plush Memories Lost Toy Search Service linked in an Interview on!!

I just had to let everyone know that I was interviewed for an article on about our blog helping families find lost lovies.
Desperately seeking Lovey
When a child loses a lovey, parents often stress as much as the owner of the precious toy, triggering frantic searches through the house, neighborhood and, in some cases, even cyberland.

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Kilroy_60 said...

Congratulations! This is the best blogging news I've seen this year.

Great that the difference you make in the lives of other people received some recognition.

Dirty Butter said...

Thanks, Kilroy!! I'm very excited about it. And I was extremely busy yesterday, with all the new requests for help it brought to our blog. We even managed to get a personal sale from of one of the requests.

Sheila said...

This is so exciting. What a great story! As a parent whose son once lost a lovey, this service has to be greatly appreciated when you are successful.

Dirty Butter said...

It's very satisfying when we have one in stock, or find one on the Internet, or a reader sees one on eBay. But the best are when someone reads a post and then writes to say they have one that their child doesn't care about. Then I get to connect two families, and they solve the problem between themselves.

Dirty Butter said...

We had to double back once when ours were little to get a beloved doll, but we were lucky. It was still there. We found that same doll while we were Estate Sale hunting, and we bought it. She's sitting in the chair opposite me right now.

Ruth said...

This is such a wonderful thing you do - congratulations on the interview and piece!

Dirty Butter said...

Hi Ruth!!! Gee, it's been a long time since I've visited your blog. Shame on me!!This msnbc article really has been exciting for me. Thanks!

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