Monday, August 09, 2010

BlogBlast for Peace Date Set

Blog Blast for Peace 11/4/2010Click Banner for More Information

What started with one blogger and one blog in 2006 has traveled from blog to blog across the globe until it has reached 50 countries. BlogBlast for Peace is an annual blog event and is expanding each year. Join us this year.

As long as there is hope in the world and bloggers who long for peace, BlogBlast for Peace will be held November 4. If you wish to join the peace bloggers, please visit Mimi's site.

It is quite simple. Visit Mimi's blog between now and November. download a Peace Globe and personalize it with your message of peace. Then forward it to Mimi when requested, post it on your blog and promote both the event and your post as November 4 creeps in after Halloween.

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