Sunday, July 09, 2006

Does Profanity Bother You???

Our position on sexually explicit pictures is pretty easy to understand. But there still seems to be some confusion about the position the BLOG VILLAGE TopList takes on Profanity.

For instance, this comment was made on a forum recently:
I guess I'm just not understanding why the profanity can't be in post titles, but can be in posts.
This was my answer:

The idea is to have blogs that can be on the monitor with the children in the room, without being concerned about what they are seeing. It's not meant to censor what an adult is reading. Each member of the Village can decide for themselves if they want to read those blogs that have profanity within the posts or not.

I hope that helps a little.

We continue to grow. As of this writing, we have 97 active blogs! We're looking forward to many more bloggers joining us.

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dawn said...

I personally dislike reading profanity. I do blog both when my kids are awake and while they sleep, but it isnt just because of my kids that I dont want to read it. I find that reading that kind of thing, upsetting. As you have stated in this and previous posts, if you dont like what you see...dont go there again. I joined Blog Village, mostly because of content of most of the bloggers. Keep up the great work

Dirty Butter said...

Thanks for commenting, Dawn. I wasn't sure any Villagers were taking the time to stop by here from time to time.

I don't like profanity, personally. We don't use it ourselves, and we don't allow it on our own blogs, even in the comments, which we edit to remove it. On the other hand, I understand that other people don't have that same attitude, so I judge other blogs individually. Some I stop reading by the end of the first word or two, and I never read those blogs again. Others, I tolerate the occassional curse word, because the content is excellent.

I truly believe that this is an adult decision, based on religious beliefs and an individual's moral compass.

Personally, I want to be able to read as diverse a group of blogs as possible, so that I'm seeing all viewpoints, not just those I agree with. This may mean tolerating a few profanities to see what they have to say, as their moral compass may be different from mine. But others are free to disagree with me. That's what's so great about America!! I love my country!!!!!

Merry Mama said...

Please tell me how to put your voting link up. I'm not clear where to find the link and then where do you want me to put it?

Dirty Butter said...

I'll post this here and on your blog, too, laundry woman.

Login to your BLOG VILLAGE account.
The last red link on the left side is Get Your Link Code. That's the one you want.
Choose the link you want. We would ask that you not use the text link, if possible, simply because it does not help us advertise BV, and it is not as easy to see on a page, but that is up to you.
Once you have clicked in the little circle, click Generate.
Copy the code into your blog template in a prominent postition, preferably near the top, probably on the side column. Please ignore all that stuff about changing IMG SRC.

That should do it. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask again.

Merry Mama said...

Oh goodness, I've broken the internet. Uhm, for some reason, I CANNOT remember my name- as in my login name. I tried every pseudonym I've used in the last forty days, and it fails me. I'm almost embarrassed to ask what it is.... Tell me what to do, beause it won't allow me to re-register my url under a different name, and as you can see, I've goofed up royally...

Dirty Butter said...

I've emailed you. All taken care of.

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