Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hooray for All Our BLOG VILLAGERS!

Our TopList will be 2 months old in another week, and we have about 125 members!

No matter what you're interested in, you're likely to find bloggers among our community who are interested in the same things, and post on it regularly.

Artists, Musicians, Scrappers, Dieters, SAHM's, Dads, Gardeners


Football Fans, Poets, Authors, Personal Journalists, Political Commentators

Members of Different Religious Faiths, Proponents of Healthy Lifestyles

Photographers, Pet Lovers, Computer Techs, Politicians, Humorists

Movie, TV, Book, and Comic Book Reviewers

Fashion and Body Image Consultants, Decorating and Organization Experts

Americans Living Abroad, Futurists, Homeschoolers, Unschoolers, Gamers

Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Toy Specialists, Medical Experts, and


Interested in joining BLOG VILLAGE?

Start HERE.

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PS: BLOG VILLAGE has now changed to a 30 day voting time limit, so your votes will accumulate for a longer time. Vote for your favorite blogger each day, by clicking on the BLOG VILLAGE link or banner on their blog, and then clicking on the vote button at the top of the gray page. Thank YOU!!


Marion said...

Thank you for starting Blog Village...I really enjoy coming here, picking a couple of blogs and reading, finding out what others are up to.

This really has a Village feel!

Dirty Butter said...

I'm glad you enjoy the Village feel, Marion. That's what I was hoping for when I started BLOG VILLAGE. I'm building some really strong online friendships here, too! I like the fact that there's a list of over 130 blogs of all kinds that I can choose from, knowing what to expect when I click on them.

Jackie said...

Blog Village now has a wonderful variety of blogs to read. Everyday I find a new one I like :)

Thanks for starting Blog Village as I am getting great response from it.

Dirty Butter said...

I agree, Jackie! I think I could spend the whole day just reading and commenting among the Villagers .... oh wait, I just about do!! ROTFL I wake almost every morning to find new applications for membership in my mailbox, and the variety astounds me.

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