Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another TopList You Might Be Interested In

I ran across this TopList from the forum for the TopList owners, and it looks like one some of you would benefit from joining.
Top Blogs for Crafters

We have the best art, craft, sewing, knitting, needlepoint, designer, woodworking, painting, illustration, story telling, cross-stitch, free craft articles, doll making, folkart, primitive, country, seasonal, mixed media, abstract art, scrapbooking, e-products, crazy quilting, quilting, vintage, victorian, shabby chic, printables, beading, gardening, food, altered art, candle making, Americana, holiday, animal crafts, wool felting, textile, food crafts, applique, basket making, abstract art, contemporary art, creative embroidery, watercolor art, wearable art, ribbon crafts, crewel, decorative painting, crochet, digital art, graphic art, dried floral design, fiber art, weaving, wedding crafts, baby crafts, fragrance crafts, gourd painting, home decor,paper crafts, jewelry making, lamp making, rug making, soap making, stamping, stenciling, tiedying, pottery, handbag making, purse making, totes making, pocketbook making, polymer clay, potpourri, etc. blogs by the best artists and crafters on the web.

We are looking for everyone who loves arts & crafts or hobbies and has a blog to come join us. If you are a crafter, sewer, woodworker, artist, designer, graphic artist, doll maker, painter, scrapbooker, photographer, fabric designer, needleworker, knitter, stamper, or anyone involved with making or selling arts & crafts and you have a blog please come join our toplist.

This TopList has about 300 members. If your blogs fit their niche, you might want to check them out. And for those of us who are not artistic or crafty, you might want to look through their members to see if they have something you would like to buy.

This is not an endorsement in the sense that I know anything about the owner of the list, or the members. It just looked good to me, and I wanted you to have the opportunity to look at it. Please let us know what you think of it, if you check it out.

Interested in joining BLOG VILLAGE? Start HERE.

If you are interested in being the Featured Villager on our BLOG VILLAGE News blog, please contact Janey Loree, Kilroy, the Gatekeeper, or Marsha - the members of our Village Interview Team.


Linda said...

Rosemary, thanks so much for the post about my toplist. I really appreciate it. Things have been hopping on my toplist for several months now. We have so many fabulous blogs by artists and crafters that I find myself just sitting in awe at some of the creations or reading through the blogs for hours on end. Everyone is just so creative and so talented.

Thanks again for the post.


Dirty Butter said...

You are more than welcome, Linda. I was impressed with all the interesting looking artist and crafter sites you have on your list, and thought others would like to look at it, too.

Good luck to you, and to your members!!!

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Girls Can Change the World
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