Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Gifts

What to give to someone you love on Valentine's Day? Well, flowers and chocolates come to mind. Plants, jewelry, gift certificates, spa visits . . .

What if you do not have any money? When I was going to school, I had zero money to spend on necessities, not to mention gifts. What did I do?

I baked a heart shaped cake that said I Love You and I made coupons that entitled the bearer to services. Services like:
  • manicure;
  • breakfast in bed;
  • event I would attend no matter what, whether it be truck pulls, rodeos, basketball game;
  • get out of trouble free card for when the other person had been an ass but knew it;
  • back massage;
  • foot massage;
  • bubble bath with champagne;
  • whatever you wish.
You get the idea, but do not give a coupon for something that you are not willing to do. You can get real creative by using colored paper, paper lace and ribbons to make a very pretty card in which to place the coupons. These coupons were a real hit and they did not cost a cent. Give of yourself this Valentine's Day.

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nappy bags said...

Great ideas for valentines gifts. Thanks for sharing.

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Girls Can Change the World
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