Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hoping to Find a New Owner for BLOG VILLAGE

Dear Villagers,

I have reached a point in my life where I cannot give the time to BLOG VILLAGE that this community of friends deserves. Rather than just delete the whole TopList, I am hoping that one of you would like to pick up where I leave off and take over the administration of the Village.

I would hope that whoever might become the "owner" would maintain the Family Friendly status of our group. But I do not expect another person to do things just the way I have done them. I will leave the Village, so that the new owner can proceed as they see fit. Those of you who keep up with my own blogs will still be able to find me.

If you would be interested in taking over this TopList, please email me.

If I cannot find someone willing to take the TopList over, I will delete it at the end of March.




Anthony said...

I think Blog Village is too valuable to let slip away. Wrote an email saying I would take on the project; wondering if you've been besieged with offers or too busy to get back to me.

Will keep an eye out.

And we'll keep in touch, I hope, my friend.

Dirty Butter said...

Several Villagers have shown interest in taking over. I'm trying to narrow the list down and decide now. Thanks!!!!

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Girls Can Change the World
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