Monday, March 31, 2008

Reset * Rerank


I just deleted many blogs that did not have a "click in" to the BV Top List, did not display a voting banner or had outdated content. I hated doing this. However, we are adults and I cannot babysit the Top List.

The rules are easy:
1. you need a BV banner on your blog
2. you need to keep your blog updated
3. you must click in once a month, using your BV banner, to activate your blog on the top list
4. you must receive emails from ADMIN about the BV Top List

The Top List will reset 4/1/08 at midnight CST to count "clicks out." Click in to the Top List after the reset, hopefully on 4/1/08, to reactivate your blog for the month. Blogs without a "click in" will be deleted at the beginning of each month.


Anthony said...

What happened to the blogs that have a banner, that are updated, that have clicked "in" and that receive ADMIN email?

I ask because I comply with all these item and both my blogs are gone.

It appears there was a mistake made somewhere along the way.

jan said...

It seems that I have been deleted even though I have followed the above rules for years.


CyberCelt said...

@anthony-I do not know the names of your blogs, so I cannot see what the problem might be.

@jan-I just clicked through on the Blog Village banner from your site. It will take 30 minutes for your blog to appear on the Top List.

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Girls Can Change the World
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