Monday, March 31, 2008

Top List Reset April 1, 2008

Tomorrow, April 1, the Blog Village Top List will be reset to rank blogs by hits out. However, you must have a voting banner on your blog and vote for yourself to place your banner on the board the month of April.

The Hours Until Visitor Can Vote Again and Hours Until Outgoing Hit of Visitor Will Be Counted Again is now 24 hours.

Today, inactive blogs (without any hits in this month) and out of date blogs (blogs without any posts in March) will be deleted.

I really would like for all blogs to have a banner, especially if you plan to be in the top 50. The banners make the site much more engaging than a simple link. To this end, I am posting a zip file of banner blanks that anyone may use to design their banner.

Banner Templates

Right-click here and save as to your desktop. Then click the banner_template.exe file to extract the banners to a new folder.


Dirty Butter said...

Great job, CC!! It was way past time for some tough love, but I was never tough enough to do it!

Thanks for all your work making the change over.

CyberCelt said...

You are welcome, Rosemary! Now, if the list tanks, I can blame you and you can blame me. hehehe

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Girls Can Change the World
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