Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to the Past on Blog Village

Any one who cannot be civil in their communications with me is deactivated. I do not have to suffer abuse from anyone.

I have stripped every ad off this blog and the top list. These were posted to help promote the list and get new readers for your blogs.

I have stopped advertising the top list on 6 top traffic exchange sites. I will no longer be recruiting quality blogs or helping newbies get their footing.

I am not going to enforce any rules, except for this one: If you do not click in at the beginning of the month, your blog will be deleted on the 5th.

I will approve new blogs, with banners, once a week.

If you want to have a blog event involving the villagers, you should contact them on their blogs. Blog Village will no longer sponsor carnivals.

The list will rock on. Sorry that I tried to make this a vibrant, well-read and well-trafficked top list.

This blog will remain here, but I will not be posting. I removed the Contact Me button. I have removed my profiles from this blog. This was a marketing tactic as I have thousands of readers and I was trying to bring them to the blog and then, to the list.

Silly me ...

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