Saturday, May 10, 2008

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Dirty Butter said...

Hmmm. Looks like folks are carnivaled out!! I had plenty of spam entries, but few that fit the topic. I did invite a few to link to a Villager so they could post as Guests, but only one did.

Anthony said...

Looking at the landing page it looks like whatever sense of community there was here is being drained.

That among other things that is making Blog Village, for me, less of an enjoyable experience.

I don't believe that what is best for Blog Village is being reflecte by the way things are being done here.

It could very well be that those variables are why there is a less positive response to the carnivals.

CyberCelt said...

Its a shame because it is such a good way to have new visitors to your blog. I will not push it unless someone wants to host one.

CyberCelt said...

@anthony-What would be your suggestions to improve the way things are being done?

My goals are to keep the top list pretty much as it is but to advertise the list so that the bloggers get more traffic through the list.

The gateway page changes periodically. I thought links to blogs on the gateway page was putting other blogs at a disadvantage.

Anthony said...

I have no suggestions for you, CyberCelt. From what I've seen it doesn't make any difference.

This is becoming a directory to be listed in instead of a community to be involved in as far as I'm concerned.

My time here, I'd say at this point, is coming to an end in any case.

CyberCelt said...

Anthony said:

I have no suggestions for you, CyberCelt. From what I've seen it doesn't make any difference.

@anthony-I have not had a suggestion from you or anyone else, so I do not know how you can say that.

Jackie said...

I wish the Carnival site itself had sorted itself out. I always had problems with it rather than doing an entry so gave up and never did one again. Traffic wise I visited all entries but very few reciprocated.

Far prefer the reason Blog Village was set up of visiting members blogs and having them popping in at my blogs. Works well and I have made lots of great friends here.

CyberCelt said...

@jackie-good point about the carnival site. I like getting the entries directly. I remember trying to submit and the site was down. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

Kilroy_60 said...

Weighing in on an earlier exchange...

I've been a member of Blog Village for years and value the friendships I've made here.

Things have, I don't think there's much question, changed in terms of approach and tone since CyberCelt took over.

I take issue with some sites having some sort of advantage being listed on the landing page.

If the very few members who organize carnivals on a regular basis want to make a concerted effort to have Blog Village members be aware of what's going on I see it was a public service.

Putting on carnivals brings people together, in and out of Blog Village, and provides a great benefit for those who choose to particiipate.

Aside from that, there shouldn't be a need for babysitting members in terms of enforcing rules for things like having a voting button posted and clicking in once a month.

There's a difference, though, to enforcing rules and being a prick about it. What's most important, I think, is nurturing a sense of community.

To that end, Blog Village is not what it once was.

Lastly, looking at the sidebar, one could easily say you, CyberCelt, are giving yourself an advantage over everyone else. You have a long list of links there which is not something anyone else has the opportunity to do.

CyberCelt said...

@kilroy60-Thanks for your candor. I will be equally candid.

The gateway page change was my decision. The carnivals were outdated and some were not even posted on the blogs listed.

I do not think anyone on the list has been more supportive of carnivals than I have and YOU know it.

The list was bloated and full of non-participants when I took over from Rosemary. All I have done is enforced the rules.

I promote the BV Top List by inviting quality blogs and using my own funds and memberships to promote this list. All the widgets are to bring traffic to the BV top list and blog.

I have two profile links, one widget and one contact me button on the sidebar.

I will be happy to post your contact information if you want to do something besides complain.

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