Thursday, June 15, 2006

How to Create a 468x60 Banner

If you do very much on the Internet at all, you're going to need a 468x60 banner for your blog or website. Many of you already have one, but some of you don't, or you don't have that size. So I thought I'd share some places on the net that will help you make a free banner, with some quick samples.

(Click on the banner to go the site to make your own banner.)

3D Text Maker

3D Text Maker

This one seems to work with IE, but not with FF.

I'll add some more sites as I find them, and you can find your own by searching for +create +banner +free. I hope this helps you.

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WagerWitch said...

It is working in FF - Just so you know - I can see it - and it rotates.

Wager Witch -
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Rosemary said...

Thanks for the comment, wager witch. I didn't make myself clear. I can see it in FF, too, but I couldn't create it in FF. I had to revert to IE to make it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for these resources. I've been trying to spiff up and customize my blog.

Rosemary said...

I'm glad these were helpful, Jennifer. There are a lot more sites that will help you make banners for free, but I've been too busy lately to hunt for any. If you find some, please post them in the comments, OK?

Bindegal said...

You can get a collection of free blank banners here:

There is 80 diffrent blank banners on 468x60 px. (standard size)

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