Monday, January 15, 2007

Carver (Just a Redneck Hanging Out With Jesus) - Our Featured Villager

Interview with Matthew Carver, author of Just a Redneck Hanging Out With Jesus.

The Gatekeeper: Well, my friend, what is it we can call you--Pastor Matt, Mr. Redneck or should we stick to JARHOWJ?

I don’t really care, just not Rev. There is nothing reverend about me. Just call me Carver.

The Gatekeeper: I like your definition of a “Redneck.” Care to share? And where do you hang with your family (where do you live?), and what do you do?

Carver: Carver’s definition for Redneck: someone that won’t mold into something man says he or she should be. Someone that is who they are and proud of where they come from and doesn’t care what others think about them. I have heard Rednecks are only in the south, but I’ve seen Rednecks everywhere I’ve ever been.

I was born in Maggie Valley, N.C. I followed a little blond to Canton, N.C. and stayed. I have two children, both girls. The oldest is learning to drive. I told her she couldn’t get her license until she learned to drive a straight — she’s learning in the Jeep.

I am in the ministry full time, employed part time, but that’s God business. I help my father in the restaurant businesses in the summer time. My heart is in ministry. The restaurant is in my blood.

The Gatekeeper: When did you start blogging and why? What is it you blog about, how many blogs do you author, and do you read other blogs? And, by the way, how often do you usually post? Sorry, that’s a long string of questions!

Carver: I started March of last year (I think.) It is a God thing; I don’t type fast or think fast so it’s led by God. I led a spiritual gifts class last year. and one of God’s students found one of their spiritual gifts was computers. She has built us a web page (she has never had a computer class in her life), and suggested we have blog pages to let people know who we were and what we were about.

The other two pastors have blogs and have named them also. It just seemed natural to name mine Redneck. Then I remembered wanting to name a group of young men (in another church I went too) Rednecks for Jesus. It didn’t go well there, but some people are paralyzed by the fear of man. I thought if this was going to be my blog, I could name it whatever God would give me a peace with. Here we are Just a Redneck hangin’ out with Jesus.

I post what ever God lays on my heart. I want people to know they can be who they are and be effective in spreading God's word. They don’t have to fit man’s mold - they have to fit God's plan. I want everyone to understand God changes and molds man (people). Man doesn’t mold man. Conviction comes from God, and forgiveness comes from God.

Sometimes I read other blogs. It all depends on the time I have.
I have no other blogs, I have a hard enough time with one, and I don’t multitask. I don’t think it’s in a man’s DNA.

Posting is sporadic, time and leading of the Holy Spirit sets what people read (Mostly). I do blog from my human side, sometimes.

The Gatekeeper: Why did you decide to join Blog Village and how did you stumble across us?

Carver: I was invited by someone that had read my blog; I can’t remember who. I’ve slept since then.

The Gatekeeper: One more question: Who from Blog Village would you like to see interviewed next? Brave enough to tell us why?

Carver: Another Christian blog that is out of the box, that goes against religion, and spreads the word that Jesus loves people and salvation has nothing to do with mans’ works. Brave or stupid; I don’t care what people call me! I’ll have to stand before God one day and give an account on whether I led people into the presence of Jesus or ran them away. Religion doesn’t lead people anywhere but in circles. I ain’t got time to lead people in circles. (Unless it’s on a track and I’m behind the wheel. Ha, Ha)

The Gatekeeper: Carver is a pastor who loves NASCAR and drives a Jeep. You’ve got to love that. He’s for real, I dare say, and his blog is not only fun to read, but is also very inspiring. He’s never short on wisdom either. Go ahead and ask him anything about spiritual matters - he won’t pull any punches. You’ll get the truth! So go ahead and leave a comment at JARHOWJ. You’ll be welcomed.

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Janey Loree said...

This is a great interview Gatekeeper!

Carver, thanks for being a redneck for Jesus! I like the new design on your blog.

Dirty Butter said...

I like the new design, too, but I do think I liked the old design better. Sorry, Carver. Everybody to their own tastes, eh?

I'll have to hand it to their designer, though. They have an excellent email system for eliminating spam emails.

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