Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Roy, from the For Your Success blog, has posted an Interview reply I sent him recently. If you're curious to know what is involved in starting and running a TopList, you might be interested in reading about how I started ours, and what I do as Admin of BLOG VILLAGE.


Interested in joining BLOG VILLAGE?

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BLOG VILLAGE was established on May 23, 2006, currently with a membership of 247 Villager blogs.


The GateKeeper said...

I read the interview, nice. I hope to play a bigger part in our community. Thanks, DB, for setting up the village. I hope we're not too much of a headache for you.

Dirty Butter said...

LOL! You could never be a headache, Gatekeeper. I enjoy reading what you have to say too much for that!

The TopList has involved more ongoing work than I had anticipated, that's true, but my goals and expectations for BLOG VILLAGE keep me working to making our community the best it can possibly be.

Janey Loree said...

Hi DB! Thanks for the link in your "For Your Success" interview! It is a great interview by Kilroy and yourself. I am glad that he has joined the BLOG VILLAGE Interviewing Team along with The Gatekeeper and myself.

As you can tell by both of their blogs...they are proactive!!!

Dirty Butter said...

You deserve all the promotion I can give you, Janey Loree, as much help as you give me, and the way you promote BLOG VILLAGE!

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