Monday, December 07, 2009

Give the Gift of You This Season

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving or time off with your family. I hope there was good news and very little bad.

I have good news. My husband's daughter is going to have a baby! My first grand child! They live in California, so we will be heading out there next summer to make nuisances of ourselves. LOL

Gifts from the Soul

Well, we are sliding into Christmas and I hope that y'all are thinking about what you can give of yourself instead of what you can buy for someone.

Make something: a wreath, a table runner, treats in a basket, spa in a basket, spring-blooming bulbs in small pots with a bow.

Look at your family and friends. Who needs what? Ask them, "What do you need?" Cook bread, make cookies, make a casserole for someone who cannot cook.

Clean out a room, a garage, or back yard as a gift. Give gifts of your time, now and in the future.


Coupons are a great idea. They can be for anything, like personal service, going a place you hate because you husband likes it, listening to his side in an argument.

For Your Girlfriends:

This coupon entitles ______________________________________
to a massage and facial.

This coupon entitles ______________________________________
to a manicure and pedicure.

For the Kids:

This coupon entitles ______________________________________
to a weekend night out wherever you want to go (within 20 miles)

This coupon entitles ______________________________________
to "pass" on cleaning their room or doing chores on a day of your choice.

For the Husbands:

This coupon entitles ______________________________________
to one night out with the boys, no questions asked.

This coupon entitles ______________________________________
to my full attention to you during an argument. Present as argument starts.

Just print the coupons on some nice card stock, place a border around the card(s) and drop into their stockings. Personal coupons, like between husband and wife, should be put in an envelope or given in private.

Have a Wonderful Christmas
a Splendid New Year.

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