Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Would You Help Me?

I sent another of my "you better click in" letters with a reminder that members need a BV banner or text link on their blog. I do not have time to keep up with banners on blogs, new members (who sicced lawyers on me?) and bugging admin to do his job. If ANYONE would like to help, it would be wonderful.

I just found out I have to have six more months of treatment. The chemotherapy makes me ill and increases my depression. This is my third 6-month treatment since 2009 and I am tired of being sick, weary of giving blood, becoming phobic of getting shots in my legs, troubled by MRIs, CATs, EGDs and whatever initials they choose to torture me with this time.

If anyone could help, it would really appreciate it. Just use the link below:

Click to Contact CyberCelt

Eileen Trainor
Professional writing, marketing, advertising
and environmental activism

Texas RV

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Peace Globes Seen All Over the Blogosphere

November 4, 2011 was the 8th Blog For Peace celebration. Below are some of the peace globes people sent in. Click on an image to see more.

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Girls Can Change the World

Girls Can Change the World
Adolescents make up a large percentage of the population, especially in developing countries.