Monday, March 31, 2008

Reset * Rerank


I just deleted many blogs that did not have a "click in" to the BV Top List, did not display a voting banner or had outdated content. I hated doing this. However, we are adults and I cannot babysit the Top List.

The rules are easy:
1. you need a BV banner on your blog
2. you need to keep your blog updated
3. you must click in once a month, using your BV banner, to activate your blog on the top list
4. you must receive emails from ADMIN about the BV Top List

The Top List will reset 4/1/08 at midnight CST to count "clicks out." Click in to the Top List after the reset, hopefully on 4/1/08, to reactivate your blog for the month. Blogs without a "click in" will be deleted at the beginning of each month.

Top List Reset April 1, 2008

Tomorrow, April 1, the Blog Village Top List will be reset to rank blogs by hits out. However, you must have a voting banner on your blog and vote for yourself to place your banner on the board the month of April.

The Hours Until Visitor Can Vote Again and Hours Until Outgoing Hit of Visitor Will Be Counted Again is now 24 hours.

Today, inactive blogs (without any hits in this month) and out of date blogs (blogs without any posts in March) will be deleted.

I really would like for all blogs to have a banner, especially if you plan to be in the top 50. The banners make the site much more engaging than a simple link. To this end, I am posting a zip file of banner blanks that anyone may use to design their banner.

Banner Templates

Right-click here and save as to your desktop. Then click the banner_template.exe file to extract the banners to a new folder.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes at Blog Village Top List

Beginning March 23, 2008, "CyberCelt" is new admin for Blog Village Top List.
  • If you have an idea to improve any part of the BV experience, I am open to new ideas.

  • I plan to promote the list through Entrecard and Trafficera, so stay on the first page.

  • The list will reset to "clicks out" on April 1, 2008. Any inactive blogs (those without clicks in) will be deleted.

  • Please check your admin email address. To be on the BV Top List, you must accept admin mail. I will not spam you, but I need to be able to communicate with you.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


The decision to give "my baby" to someone else did not come easily or quickly, but I came to a point where it was obvious that I needed to pass BLOG VILLAGE on to someone who would take care of our Community and help it develop. I have found that person in Eileen, aka CyberCelt. She has been a very active Villager since June of 2006. Her first entry was Texas RV Travel, and now she has several blogs on the Village.

We have been emailing each other for the last week, taking care of the many small tasks that were required to move the responsibility for BLOG VILLAGE from me to her. There are probably still a few links, etc., that we may have failed to change, so bear with us as we make the transition. Any emails I receive concerning the Village will be forwarded to Eileen.

Knowing that Eileen will care for our Village and work with you to keep BLOG VILLAGE your home in the blogosphere has made this decision a whole lot easier. I hope all of you welcome her and work with her as she works to make BLOG VILLAGE THE FAMILY FRIENDLY TopList!

So, this is the official announcement that Dirty Butter is no longer the Admin of BLOG VILLAGE. Your new admin is now officially CyberCelt.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hoping to Find a New Owner for BLOG VILLAGE

Dear Villagers,

I have reached a point in my life where I cannot give the time to BLOG VILLAGE that this community of friends deserves. Rather than just delete the whole TopList, I am hoping that one of you would like to pick up where I leave off and take over the administration of the Village.

I would hope that whoever might become the "owner" would maintain the Family Friendly status of our group. But I do not expect another person to do things just the way I have done them. I will leave the Village, so that the new owner can proceed as they see fit. Those of you who keep up with my own blogs will still be able to find me.

If you would be interested in taking over this TopList, please email me.

If I cannot find someone willing to take the TopList over, I will delete it at the end of March.


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