Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day is a Day to Remember in USA

Ways You Might Celebrate Memorial Day:

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to the Past on Blog Village

Any one who cannot be civil in their communications with me is deactivated. I do not have to suffer abuse from anyone.

I have stripped every ad off this blog and the top list. These were posted to help promote the list and get new readers for your blogs.

I have stopped advertising the top list on 6 top traffic exchange sites. I will no longer be recruiting quality blogs or helping newbies get their footing.

I am not going to enforce any rules, except for this one: If you do not click in at the beginning of the month, your blog will be deleted on the 5th.

I will approve new blogs, with banners, once a week.

If you want to have a blog event involving the villagers, you should contact them on their blogs. Blog Village will no longer sponsor carnivals.

The list will rock on. Sorry that I tried to make this a vibrant, well-read and well-trafficked top list.

This blog will remain here, but I will not be posting. I removed the Contact Me button. I have removed my profiles from this blog. This was a marketing tactic as I have thousands of readers and I was trying to bring them to the blog and then, to the list.

Silly me ...


Please leave comments about carnivals here

Please share your answer or your thoughts on this post. This post will remain at the top of the blog until the voting is over

Thursday, May 08, 2008

More New Members!

I just realized that I had not introduced these new members who joined at the end of April. Please welcome another diverse group to the Blog Village.

Ranch Family - Living in Oregon. Working mother of 2. Wife, Mom, friend, employee, daughter, sister, cook, maid, etc. You name it, I do it.

Anime X - Anime Opening and Ending themes - Remember your Anime theme addiction starts here.

Miami Downtown Life
- Everything you would ever need to know about Miami, Florida.

Kay's K9s: Handcrafted Miniatures by Artist K. Turple - Canadian artist with husband and 3 dogs and a parrot. I truly enjoy combining my love of animals with my love of art!

New Blog Villagers

We have some new blogs and they are a diverse group. They do not have voting banners up yet, so maybe you can visit them and remind them. They are sick of me. LOL

Rogue Gunner - Ex British Soldier and Falklands War & Northern Ireland veteran living in Great Britain.

The Evil Empire - Blog about the best franchise in baseball history! Contains latest news & updates on the New York Yankees.

Motivated Motion - Personal Blog of Lynn Tucker. Wild stories, and an interesting view of life. Her Journals are highly descriptive and memorable.

Youngistan - This blog has posts that interests all the youth around the world wherein, Motto: The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know everything.

Monday, May 05, 2008

New Blog Villagers

I am visiting blogs, checking for Blog Village banners and clicking in for people who have zero clicks as of today, May 5.

Please visit our new Blog Villagers:

Living in Translation - Snark and snacks from an Expat.

My Thai Village - American living in Thailand.

Photo Selection - Interesting photographs from all sources.

There will be more soon.

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Girls Can Change the World
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