Sunday, October 21, 2007

BLOG VILLAGE Halloween Carnival is Coming HERE!!

Our Fall Fest is ONLINE NOW!!!

Share your Halloween posts about your easiest homemade costumes, funniest Halloween ever, or best homemade treats. Tell us a good spooky story, or a tale of haunted houses --- you name it.

Or maybe you'd rather tell us about what your family does, rather than go trick or treating.

You don't celebrate Halloween?? Not a problem... Just share your favorite thoughts about Autumn ... Fall color, Fall traditions, Fall crafts, family reunions, harvest recipes, handmade gifts, etc.

Come join us at Advertising for Success for a Fantastic Fall Festival.


Submit HERE.

Please include your member ID. As always, our BLOG VILLAGE Carnivals are open to GUESTS, as long as they have a link on their blog to a Villager's blog. So, help us out, and encourage your readers to link to you, by inviting them to enter our Carnival, too.

PS. Some of you have already submitted entries to the MONEY Carnival that was originally planned for this month. I still have your entries, but I have postponed that one until December. If you are interested in hosting it, please email me.

Interested in joining BLOG VILLAGE? Start HERE.

If you are interested in being the Featured Villager on our BLOG VILLAGE News blog, please contact Janey Loree, Kilroy, or the Gatekeeper, the members of our Village Interview Team.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Great banner, cybercelt! You can count on a post from all the blogs in PJ's Corner!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Post for carnival is up on Advertising for Success. Click my name to go there.

Y'all help publicize it, please.

Rosemary said...

I love the banner, too!! I'm sorry I've waited so late to get going on this one. It's just like this month has flown!!

Jackie said...

Love banner :)

Have put it on my blogs with a link back to here. If I have time will do a post by 26th.

CyberCelt said...

@jackie-you do not have to do a special post. You also can send it direct to me at success at cooladz dot com any time up to Sunday midnight.

Anonymous said...

The Blog Village Carnival is up. Click my name to go there.

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