Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Village Top List Requirements

When people submit their blog to become a Blog Villager, they are given the rules by which blogs (only) are approved.  Since this is not working, I am trying something new. 

To be approved as a member of Blog Village Top List, you must submit a banner with your entry and you must confirm your email address.

Your blog must:
  • display the Blog Village banner;
  • be current and updated regularly;
  • have at least one month of posts;
  • display your email address or contain contact form; and,
  • be written in English or automatically translate into English based on IP address of viewer

Your blog must NOT be:
  • email capture site;
  • drugs by mail site;
  • store or sales page;
  • male enhancement site; 
  • purveying pornography;
  • on the World of Trust (WOT) dangerous list;
  • lawyer's, CPA's, dentist's or other professionals' blog or website;
  • spam site written for the sole purpose of adding advertisements; or,
  • website or blog of a service (lawn care, cleaning, pool treatment, auto detailing, etc.).
 Your blog must NOT contain: 
  • advertising for brides or husbands by mail; 
  • gambling information or links to gambling sites;  
  • stock tips, advice on Forex or currency speculation;
  • information about ponzi, MLM or other money-making scheme;
  • mechanism or enticement for transferring trojans, viruses or malware; 
  •  redirects--except if you are using Blogger with your own domain name;
  • any advertising that takes control of browser (popups, popunders, sliders, etc.); or,
  • female or male nudity unless it is done in a tasteful way, as you would find in museum.

To become a Blog Villager, you must own a blog.  Blogs contain posts written by the owner(s) of the blog.  Blogs allow comments.  Blogs have archives and, usually, categories or tags.  Blogs may contain advertisements as long as they do not interfere with viewing.


Anthony McCune, Publisher said...

I read the post, understand the rules and agree. Not to say I won't have any questions in order to do what's necessary to comply. :-)

spooky said...

"I have read the rules,"

Katy009 Fashion said...

I have read the rules!

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